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Meet our "Trackta" who has 48 years of rendering experience

Lindsay Ferguson a.k.a "Trackta" has been a work colleague of Marks since their days working on Sea Temple in Port Douglas 2005.

He has always been a loyal mate to Mark and a man who takes a lot of pride in his work.

Lindsay became part of our team 3 years ago and continues to turn up each day producing excellent work.

He has hinted that he may hang up his trowels and boots soon. However we are not ready for him to retire as we love working with this amazing man who has a great heart and good old fashioned work ethic.

Lindsay who is not afraid of heights is highly respected by his peers for his hard work & dedication.

How did you inherit the nick name "Trackta"?

There was a company called Ferguson Tractors that was produced in my hometown of Ballarat.

How long have you been rendering for?

48 years. I have worked with Mark for 3 of those and been mates with him for 15 years.

Which Project has been the most memorable/rewarding experience?

Her Majesty Theatre. We had to restore it the exact way it looked 100 years earlier when it was built in 1887.

When you are not rendering what do you

like to do? Travelling. My wife and I traveled all over Europe last year for 6 weeks. It was great.

Fav Food? Pedro's Pizza

Fav Drink? VB. You can't beat that!

Fav Sports? NRL. Cowboys are my favourite team.

Bucket List? Go to Scotland.

Who do you want up next for our weekly blog? You, Ursula.

Lindsay (left, standing on the crate) working on the restoration of "Her Majesty Theatre" that was built in 1887. On this site Lindsay discovered a name scratched into the render "Jeff McKenna 1887".

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