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Sand & Cement Finishes 

Mark Fletcher Solid Plaster & Texture Coatings Pty Ltd are accredited applicators of Dulux Acra Tex systems.

All Dulux Acra Tex systems are warrantable from 7-15 years dependent on the system applied.

We apply all aspects of modern day rendering:   

  • All sand & cement finishes

  • Mineral based render

  • Acrylic texture coatings

Sand & Cement Base Render

In applying mineral based products, finishes such as smooth, swirl, vertical scratch and sand can be achieved.


We can also apply sand & cement render to obtain the following finishes:

  • Sponge look

  • Steel trowel smooth finish

  • Undulated look

  • Mineral float 

  • 2-3mm scratch coat

  • 1mm, 2mm/2mm Swirl

  • Smooth finish 

Mineral Base Finish 

In addition to rendering we offer a complete paint service using the best paints including:

  • Dulux Wash & Wear for internal kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms. dining, halls etc

  • Dulux Weather shield & Dulux Acra Shield for external weather boards, render (mineral & acrylic), facias, gutters, eaves, and also fences, retaining walls & outdoor rooms

We can also rejuvenate old tired timber decks, doors, rails, stairs of boards bringing them back to their original state.

Acrylic Base Texture Coating

Today's style of architecture increasingly is moving towards "coloured render" style but what you may not know is that "rendered" house you're thinking of is actually a Dulux AcraTex Acrylic Texture system.

Dulux AcraTex is the acrylic texture system that protects against unsightly render cracking and staining.

  • Keep your house looking great for longer

  • Cement Renders are inherently hard and brittle - prone to cracking and efflorescence staining.

Dulux AcraTex manufactures a range of trowel applied Acrylic Texture systems that deliver the contemporary render style your planning for but with Flexible Acrylic technology that won't crack and delamaminate. 

Acrylic Base Texture Coating

  • Coventry course

  • Coventry

  • Coventry quartz

  • Fine

  • Trowel on 

  • Swirl


A 7-15 year materials warranty is provided when a Full Dulux AcraTex Specified system is applied by an AcraTex trained applicator. If the product does not perform as specified, unless otherwise detailed, we will replace the goods free of charge.


  • Polymer Base Acra Tex System plus 2 x coats of Dulux Acra Shield membrane Paint =    7 years

  • Dulux Acrylic Acra  Tex System plus 1 x coat of Dulux Acra Shield Membrane Paint =    10 years

  • Dulux Acrylic Acra  Tex System plus 2 x coats of Dulux Acra Shield Membrane Paint =  15 years


Water Damage Restorage 

We also specialise in Mould remediation and water / moisture extraction for Far North Queensland.

We understand the frustrations business and homeowners are faced with trying to rid of mould infestations due to Far North Queensland’s extreme weather conditions.

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