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Meet our Solid Plaster Trainer Corey from the Gold Coast!

We are thrilled to introduce our trainer Corey Lafaitele from Master Painters Association.

Corey travels up from the Gold Coast at least 4 times a year to give hands on and classroom training to our two apprentices Dhan and Santa.

He also helps out the lads with their online trainings and is currently assisting us with RPL in Cert III Solid Plastering through MBIT.

Since changing our apprentices' training provider to Master Painters Association we have seen great progress with our two apprentices. Not only does our team see the progress but Corey clearly notices both Dhan and Santa's Solid Plastering and Language skill levels have vastly improve.

Thanks to dedication of both Corey and our Operations Manager Paul Humphries, Dhan and Santa have almost finished their apprenticeship. Hats off to these lads. What a great achievement all round.

Corey has 26 years of Solid Plastering experience and has being training labourers, students and apprentices to become certified Solid Plasterers.

He is passionate about teaching and enjoys seeing his trainees progress through the course and learn new skills.

The Solid Plastering techniques that Corey likes the most are Venetian , Concrete Finishes and creating feature walls. He is a certified Venetian Plasterer and highly recommends doing the Rockcotes Artisan Course.

Corey's most memorable experience in the industry was building a Pyramid in 2020 at the Eco Village in South East Queensland. The village at the time had a Cleopatra Theme.

Thanks Corey for all your help. We really appreciate it.

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