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Meet our Santa all the way from Nepal

Meet our 2nd year Apprentice Santa Bir Gurung. Santa who was a Primary School Teacher in Nepal started with us in May last year on the Crystal Brooks Hotel Collection projects.

He migrated to Australia in 2017 and completed his Cert I in Building and Construction. It was through Prime Construction that we got introduced to this fine chap.

It is understandable that his transition from Teaching to Rendering must have been hard especially going straight onto to such large projects here in Cairns but learning the Aussie Lingo with the lads on site must have been mind blowing.

However Santa does this all with a smile. He has a lovely gentle nature and the lads are teaching him the ropes and of course our Aussie Slang.

Santa at Baileys Hotel, Abbott Street, Cairns.

So what is the meaning behind your name? It means Peace

How long have you been rendering for?

1.5 years

Which Project has been the most memorable/rewarding experience?

Baileys Hotel Cairns. I have been on that project the whole time since I started rendering and I have learnt so much.

When you are not rendering what do you

like to do? Watching Nepalese Movies, cooking and spending time with my family.

Fav Food? Rice, Curries

Fav Drink? Great Northern Beer

Fav Sport? Soccer. My favourite player is Messi.

Bucket List? Become an Australian Citizen, Buy a house and see my children have a bright future. Who do you want up next for our weekly blog? Dhan Gurung

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