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Mark is stripping off on Mt. Everest

Check out Mark's video and see who he has dedicated his Mt Everest trek to. He provided us a transcript in case you didn't catch his strong Liverpool accent.

"Well here’s the video from my arrival at Base Camp, I apologise for the disorganised speech but I was in the prime photo space and was on a time limit, I would like to use the following message to show exactly I was meant to say to the three people I would like to dedicate this trek/hike and sometimes extremely difficult, treacherous and dangerous adventure to:

Firstly to my beautiful, wonderful, hard working and tremendously driven daughter, Baylie, I love you to the moon and back, good luck for your exams!!! You’ll do it babe, I’m sure!!!!! I love you millions too much and ten bob ❤️

To my beautiful cousin Lynn This was also for you lovely, keep fighting your battle, you have a fantastic unbelievable husband in Gary and beautiful daughter in Nicole fighting with you, I love you so much.

Finally to Jurgen Klopp and his wonderfully gifted squad of players, I give you all the very best wishes and good luck for the season in your quest for the illusive premiership...

In regards to the Base Camp antics, I removed my clothes in not just negative degrees but also during a pretty fierce snow storm!!!!! I was freezing to say the least, but emotions took over me and I’m so happy I done it for the people mentioned.

I would like to close by making the following statement to you all: Winners never quit and Quitters never win....... YNWA.......JFT96"

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