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Split Face Block Rendering Transformation

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

This Redlynch yellow split face block home was completely transformed with Dulux Acrylic Texture Coating.

The Process

  1. High spots of the split face removed by grinding/jackhammer.

  2. Split face painted walls are primed with Dulux Acra bond/cement mix.

  3. Substrate is screeded level with sand and cement render

  4. A base coat of Acra patch course/Dulux Render wall 4001 is applied to total area.

  5. A final texture coat of Acrylic Texture is applied and floated flat with a red plastic trowel to create texture look.

The System


Dulux (Aus)




Split Face Painted Walls

Prep Coat:

Dulux Acra Bond/Cement Mix

Intermediate Coat:

Acra patch course/Dulux Renderwall 4001

Final Coat:

Acrylic Texture Coat

The Mark Fletcher team are well experience with rendering all types of surfaces to give your home or office a modern clean cut look.

Most common surfaces that can be rendered

  • Split face block

  • Red brick

  • Clay brick

  • Blueboard

  • Painted besser block

  • New block

If you are thinking to give your place a face lift, call Mark Fletcher for a free quote

0410 758 553.


1 Coat Dulux Membrane = 10 years

2 Coats Dulux Membrane = 15 years

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