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Rendering Blue Board

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Are you thinking about renovating or extending your house? Why not use "Blue Board" as a cost-efficient installation that will have a highly-desired appearance.

Blue board is used predominately as an external cladding material in residential homes and commonly used in renovations/extensions as it is light weight, quicker to install and can be accessed easily.

The blue board is then rendered with a Dulux smooth or textured coloured finish.

Rendered Blue Board

The Process- "Scope of Works"

The first step involves the installation of reinforcement mesh and or PVC external angle beads using Dulux Acra Patch and 20% cement.

The walls are then primed with a mix of Dulux Acra Bond/Cement to create a key coat. When tacky dry a base skim coat is applied consisting of Dulux Renderwall 4001/ Dulux Acra Patch Course.

In preparation for the final coat a Dulux Green Render Sealer is then rolled on.

The final coat of Dulux Acrylic Texture is then applied and finished with a red plastic trowel to create the desired look.

The walls can then be painted using a Dulux Acra Shield Membrane Paint to complete the full AcraTex System.


1 Coat Dulux Membrane = 10 years

2 Coats Dulux Membrane = 15 years

To learn more about this process or obtain a free quote call Mark Fletcher 0410 758 553.

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