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Our very own talented Sheep

Not only is Sheep whose real name is Jordane Buchanan is a hardworking employee and a great renderer but he is a talented Musician. He writes and produces his own music. He plays all instruments and sings mostly rock and metal. I have asked him to share some samples for us and once I get my hands on his materials I will post on our facebook page. So stay tuned for those updates.

As for work, well he has really stepped up to the plate as leader on one of our sites and is well respected by our contractor. This is music to our ears to have employees that show great initiative and to receive such valuable feedback from our contractors. Sheep is very reliable, punctual and gets the job done. He has worked on many of our iconic projects here in Cairns and Port Douglas over the past 2 years. We will be supporting him to grow and develop further in the construction industry.

I am so glad we started this series "Meet the lads behind the great walls of Cairns" as we get to find out what our team does and hidden talents they have besides rendering the commercial and domestic buildings across FNQ.

Jordane Buchanan (Sheep)

So how did you get the name "Sheep"

Because I am from New Zealand

Well that makes sense, so where is your hometown?

Waihi Beach

How long have you been rendering for?

16 Years. 2 years with Mark.

Which Project has been the most memorable/rewarding experience?

Most memorable was Cairns Aquarium.

Most rewarding was Cairns Base Hospital doing the Marble Trowel Columns at the Ambulance Bay.

Sheep in the Cairns Post October 2019

When you are not rendering what do you

like to do? Writing, producing and playing music,

sleeping and spending time with my wife.

Fav Food? Fruit

Fav Drink? Vodka

Fav Sport? BMX

Bucket List? Travel USA

Who do you want up next for our weekly blog?

Poppy (Papatiamani Teautu)

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