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Meet the Silver Fox also known as the "God Father"

The Sliver Fox whose real name is Glenn Harding first met and worked with Mark Fletcher at the Sea Temple Resort Port Douglas Project back in 2005/2006.

Glenn has been part of our team since 2016. He was one of the main renderers for the Tradewinds/Rileys Hotel revamp.

Glenn is an integral part of the team and uses all of his 30 years of rendering experience to great effect.

Glenn is looked upon as the "Godfather" of the group and takes a lot of pride in all works he carries out.

Glenn Harding hard at work, doing his thing.

I heard you have a few nick names..

Silver Fox, God Father.

Paul just told me now you are the 'Black Prince" of Palm Cove. I will need to get more details about this one. LOL.

How long have you been rendering for?

30 Years. 8 of those years on and off with Mark.

Which Project has been the most memorable/rewarding experience?

Rileys Hotel on the Esplanade (Old Tradewinds Hotel) as it was challenging, different and got to use and learn a variety of skills. It also gave me the chance to work with my step son "Woody".

The Master "Sliver Fox" with Apprentice "Woody"

When you are not rendering what do you like to do? Hang out with Friends

Fav Food? Roast Lamb

Fav Drink? Beer and lots of it

Fav Sport? AFL

Bucket List? Travel the World

Who do you want up next for our weekly blog? Sheep- Jordane Buchanan

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