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Meet our newest Tradie- Joshua Lacey

Joshua Lacey has been apart of our team since December 2020. He has a wealth of experience and has recently gained his qualification in Solid Plastering.

Joshua has adjusted well to his new home in Port Douglas which is a long way from his home town Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight. (Yep that's another pommy on our team).

Get to know a little more about Joshua in our mini blog series -

"The lads behind the great walls of Cairns" (and Port Douglas)

Do you have a nickname?

Just "Lacey"

How long have you been rendering for?

14 years

Which Project has been the most memorable/rewarding experience?

In Australia probably leveling the pool wall in Shannonvile, in England it would be renovating/ replastering my nans house.

When you are not rendering what do you like to do? Playing video games or hiking to water falls.

Fav Food? My Dad's Roast

Fav Drink? Thatcher’s Gold, English Cider

Fav Sports? F1 Bucket List? Sky dive in some different locations

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