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Meet Dhan our 2nd Year Apprentice from Bhutan

Our 2nd Apprentice "Dhan Gurung" was is a finalist this year for FNQ Training Awards in the category of "Equity VET Student". We are so proud of him and his on going life achievements.

Almost 30 years ago Dhan and his family were driven out of there homeland Bhutan and ended up in Nepalese refugee camp. Although a much safer place to be in, he and his family lived in this dusty over crowded camp for 26 years. During his time there he became a supervisor in the construction industry. In 2015 he and his family applied for resettlement in Australia. 2 years later the Australian Government approved their request. Fast forward to 2019, Dhan who is doing his Certificate III in Solid Plastering with Mark Fletcher was recognized by one of our contractors "Prime Construction" on the Crystal-brook job sites for his hard work and nominated him for the Queensland Training Awards "Equity VET Student of the Year". We are so proud of his accomplishment. It goes to show that if you set goals and work at them, you will achieve.

Dhan the man

Do you have a nick name?

Yes. DB "Vai". It means small brother.

How long have you been rendering for?

1.5 years

Which Project has been the most memorable/rewarding experience?

Flynn Hotel Cairns. I have been on that project the whole time since I started rendering and I have learnt so much.

When you are not rendering what do you

like to do? Watching Nepalese Movies, spending time with my family and studying new things.

Fav Food? Rice, Curries

Fav Drink? Fanta & Mountain Dew

QTA Finalist for VET Student of the Year 2019

Fav Sports? Soccer. Messi is my idol.

Bucket List? Become an Australian

Citizen, Buy a house and see my children have a bright future.

AND... to be a very good Renderer

Who do you want up next for our weekly blog? Lindsay Ferguson

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