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Meet Chhabi our champion trowel hand.

Chhabi has proved himself to be a great asset to the team.

He works hard and is willing to travel all around the Far North to gain as much experience as possible. Chhabi started with us as a Trowel Hand on the 1st of July last year. Like Dhan and Santa, Chhabi is from Bhutan and was a part of the Centacare Program.

In 2019 Chhabi moved to Australia with 7 members of his family. He works hard to provide great opportunities for his family. His work ethic has been well received by the team and Chhabi would like to become a qualified solid plasterer.

We are in the process of signing up Chhabi to start his apprenticeship and we look forward to supporting him in achieving his goals.

Get to know a little more about Chhabi in our mini blog series -

"The lads behind the great walls of Cairns" (and FNQ)

Do you have a nickname?

Just Chhabi

When you are not rendering what do you like to do?

Go to the beach with family.

Fav Food?

Rice and Beans

Fav Drink?

Anything Cold

Fav Sports?


Bucket List?

Learn more English

Check out the columns completed by our Trowel Hand Chhabi Rai

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