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Give your home a "cracking" makeover using render.

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Do you have cracks evident on your external substrate?

Well, there are several reasons for cracking in your walls. It is always a good idea to investigate as to how and why the cracking has appeared.

Evidence suggest that approximately 95% of cracking is due to ground movement or the building settling. This can be repaired using a render system.

If the cracking is not repaired then the cracking will become larger and water ingress becomes a problem leading to damage to the internals walls, floors etc.

The repair process begins by grinding of cracks to create squared edged, the voids are the cleaned of of any dust, stone, chip etc. with with a hoover, a mix of non-shrink grout & cleaned waters is prepared and used to fill voids.

Once dry, the cracking is covered with an Alkaline resistant mesh, this is bed & flushed with Acra Patch Course/Cement.

The complete areas is then skimmed with Renderwall 4001 Base Coat and finished by applying Syntax Medium Float Finish.

* All products are Dulux- Acra Tex


1 Coat Dulux Membrane = 10 years

2 Coats Dulux Membrane = 15 years

To learn more about this process or obtain a free quote call Mark Fletcher 0410 758 553.

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