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5 Key benefits when rendering your home or investment property

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

  1. It adds instant value to your property- Buyers are interested in buying homes which have some form of improvement done.

  2. Complete damp protection - The bare brick or concrete walls are more prone to water damps. Rendering creates a layer or barrier on the wall that does not let the water ooze in. It becomes resistant to climatic and weather changes.

  3. Improves Insulation- Adding a coat of render on the walls can provide proper insulation. This insulation allows the heating or the cooling to remain intact and not escape through the walls.

  4. You will be able to Hide the Real Age of your Property- Once rendered, your old house will look like new. It will be very hard to guess the real age of your building after our team of renderers @ Mark Fletcher Solid Plaster & Texture Coatings Pty Ltd have completed their work.

  5. Changes the style of your property- Rendering can ensure a complete makeover of your home not only in terms of appearance but style too. You can choose many different textures and colour schemes to add beauty to your property.

Brick veneer home transformed with a mineral float texture finish

Our process for rendering this brick veneer home.

Substrate: Brick veneer wall with 10 mm pointed joints.

  1. Renderwall 4001 is applied as skim coat to cover face of brick & fill groove lines by floating with a black diamond float.

  2. All corners are beaded with a 3.5mm external angle, bedded & flushed using Acra Patch Course/Cement.

  3. A second skim coat of Renderwall 4001 is applied and the finish is made flat with a black diamond float

  4. Walls are finished with Mineral Float Texture Coat & Finished with a red plastic trowel.

System used

Product: Dulux (Aus)

System: Acra Tex Polymer Based

Base Coat: Renderwall 4001

Prep: Acra Patch Course/Cement

Skim Coat: Renderwall 4001

Final Coat: Mineral Float Texture

Next step is to add paint and enjoy the new look!

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