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Mark made it to Base Camp!!!

Check out these amazing photos from Mark at Base Camp. He will do it again next year. Anyone wanting to this life changing adventure Mark is currently preparing some awesome deals. You can contact him directly for more more info.

Below is a message from Mark himself...

"Well with Mt Everest Base Camp achieved it was time to start our decent yesterday (Saturday). We left our digs at Gorakshep at approx 0700 with the knowledge we had to cover 58Km’s in just three days! Our first target was the cosy little area of Fariche, this being an 18Km Trek, to say we weee tired last night was an understatement!!! Today we have travelled to the biggest and probably central area of the Everest Mt area, Namche Bazaar, this also being an 18Km trek. I’m currently in an Irish bar believe it or not waiting for the match to start at 2215 local time so I’m happy. Tomorrow we have our final 22Km trek out of the Mt Everest area, I’ve got to admit I may be s little emotional as we leave this wonderful place. It’s been very hard and testing at times, sometimes un walkable, (Friday’s walk to Base Camp especially!) but over all the difficulty and downfall it’s been extremely enjoyable, The support group from the Sherpas, to Beer the assistant guide to Ho the leader of the group, each one have been fantastic. If this is something you’ve got on you’re bucket list then please write to me now and I can pass onto you the details of this professional outfit!!! I’ve enjoyed each and every second and wouldn’t hesitate to go it again. In fact Baylie and I will be doing it later next year??? Once again I thank you all so much for your valuable support, believe I loved reading your guys messages. I promise to reply to all messages posted, I’m just behind so far due to the lack of reception issue. Cheers and love to you all Fletch X

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